Monday, May 13, 2013

Mark Anthony Sanchez by Lovepreet Sangha

My interviewee, Mark Anthony Sanchez is an immigrant from the Philippines which many people do not know.  Mark Anthony Sanchez came to America when he was only 11 years old.  He had a different experience compared to many other immigrants because of his age factor.  Mark Anthony Sanchez is 19 years old, he attends Skyline College and plans to get a degree in Psychology.Mark Anthony Sanchez is a great individual with tons of knowledge.

      Segment 5: Life Now

In segment 1, Mark talks about his basic background to give the viewers a chance to get to know a little about him.

In this segment, Mark talks about his life in the Philippines without his parents.

In this segment, Mark talks about arriving in America and his before and after reaction about it.

In this segment, Mark talks about moving from New Jersey to Daly City and the adjustments he had to make.

In this segment, Mark talks about his life now.  Mark talks about some of the experiences he has been through and what he plans on doing in life. 

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